How to identify a potentially profitable cryptocurrency

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  1. Thoughts on NeosCoin?
  2. Hello sir i want to ask you about Ripple .i think it is the future of payments
  3. Ripple Coin is going to be huge!
  4. Great Video, I subscribed to your channel would you please return the favor and subscribe to my channel ? Thank Again, Brian Cobb
  5. Great video thank you. In your opinion, what will bitcoin get any of the proposed etf's approved? and also does Ripple fall under that business applications doomed to fail or will it grow? Thanks for sharing.
  6. Belacoin
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  8. Whats your thoughts on the billion coin
  9. What about onecoin ?
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  12. sir, could you please let me know about gravitycash
  13. I want to know that what effects the price of cryptocurrency to fall or increase!!Will u please tell me sir/.
  14. What are your thoughts on the Steemit platform (claimed to a disruptive social network)?
  15. maidsafe - 7.6 cents
  16. I liked the idea of free market. Thank you for refreshing my own early belief :D
  17. David what do you think about the E dinar coin? EDC EDRC
  18. David, thank you very much for this video. I appreciated you sharing your insight on maidsafe. Like you, I also believe that most of these altcoins don't have much to offer. Last night I came across Factom. I'd like your opinion on the coin if you don't mind please. And if you haven't looked it up. Their video on is mind blowing. Could it be another future front runner? Please respond! Thanks!
  19. Great insight on the importance of disruptive technology in weeding out the inferior alt coins. The maid coin does sound intriguiging. I will have to research that one.Given the current turmoil in the bitcoin development community, I am finding that the role of goverance just as importance in evaluating the future of an altcoin. Issues such as scalibility, legal issues, and an overall vision and roadmap of its future. This is where Ethereum shines. I will still keep my bitcoins but I am afraid it will just be a store of value like gold rather than being any effective transactional currency.

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