Why Dash is Objectively the Best Cryptocurrency, Much Better than Bitcoin

In this youtube video I compare dash to bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, US dollars, monero, and all other forms of currencies and cryptocurrencies. I have been studying how dash and other cryptos work for a while and have come to the conclusion that so far, dash or "darkcoin" is the best blockchain based coin of 2017. I have not looked at NEM yet but whatever... For more videos evaluation investment opportunities please subscribe! Video about dash premine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IOSHvZJLvo tip me bitcoin????: 1LBerPiGcPWWd4CuNnPtLW3H3QXvBFkXkA tip me dash??: XoXfFFRhKnq222J1QZ1HZf86RwBQfvk58y Thanks! Let's Invest!


  1. You and Aaron Ag would be a great team.
  2. Why PIVIX is objectively EVEN BETTER!
    P I V X !! (and bytecoin, and Monero)
    You say the words "I believe" alot.
  3. With all the available cryptos available and becoming available, why would you put your support behind the one that is centralized and promotes wealth inequality? Instamine 1.5 million coins, buy up the masternodes and rake in the PoS annuity. Then mine your marketing budget to promote your ponzi scheme.

    With such an ugly truth behind the origins of the currency, how can you expect it to survive long term in this competitive environment?
  4. very soon DASH = zero usd. Be careful Investors. It is fucking coin. PIVX is far better than this fucking coin.
  5. Dash went from $16 to $100 at the time of this video. Post Dash Evolution, I would like to look back at this video in a year or 2 haha. :) To the moon! If anyone's interested in mining Dash, please use my affiliate code, YcbvTy for Genesis Mining!! I've been getting .30-.35 Dash daily on 1407 MH/s.
  6. Boy, had I seen this video sooner! Is it too late?
  7. BTC is running into problems DASH has already resolved and other emerging cryptos... yup
  8. it will hit $100 very soon :)
  9. take a look!
    promocode: cnJtig

  10. Recent events are proving you right 8)
  11. Well said. Appreciate it!
    for those want an easier method than the hardrive wallet
  13. I don't like the idea that people with over 1000 dash get to vote about stuff, that is centralisation, the rich will keep getting more rich when they can vote for things that benefit them and the poor will stay poor and get more poor
  14. starting to notice dash I may buy soon!
  15. you got it!
  16. CLOAK is better :)
  17. 雲礦 - 技術,使生產真正的金錢的幫助下
  18. dash sounds like washing powder

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